Our FREE breakfast club is held in the Key Stage 1 hall each morning from 8am to 8.45am from Monday to Friday. 

Entry is via the main gate and ‘middle door’ between 8am and 8.20am.

We are part of the Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club Programme and this helps us to ensure that our breakfast club is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE to ALL children. 

Children can attend breakfast club as often as they like; some children attend every day, whereas others choose to attend for 1 or 2 days each week. The choice is yours. 


A selection of cereals 


Fresh fruit 

Milk & water to drink 

What are the benefits of attending breakfast club? 

  • Every child can choose a free, healthy and balanced breakfast each day (second helpings are no problem either, as we understand how important it is to have a full tummy!)
  • Improved focus and attention for children in class (it can be really difficult to concentrate if your tummy is rumbling, so filling those tummies means children can focus on their learning and achieve their potential in lessons)
  • An opportunity to develop social skills by spending time with peers 
  • The chance to engage in fun activities that develop children’s interests
  • Support for working parents (knowing your children are safe and having a daily breakfast can really help to manage that morning rush and ensure children are in school on time and ready to learn)


Miss N Ford

Ms K Brown

What do our children say about breakfast club?

“We have lots of choices for breakfast.”

“I’m never hungry and I’m ready to learn when I get to class.”

“I like how friendly everyone is…”

“I love having time to colour in.”

If you’d like to find out more or add your child’s name to our breakfast club list, please contact Miss Ford via the school office. 

Keep checking back…our photo gallery is coming soon!