The Governing Body is made up of staff, parents, local authority representatives, local business representatives, community members and the Headteacher. They are committed to taking an active role in school life in order to support and challenge the school to the highest standards. They have a general responsibility for managing the school effectively.

Governors meet on many occasions during the school year and are particularly responsible for helping to decide on the school’s curriculum, to help with the appointment of staff, to assist in setting standards of behaviour, to oversee the school budget and to support the Headteacher and staff.

Meet our Governors

Chair of Governors – Mrs S Harrison

“My name is Sam. I have been a Governor since 2014 and Chair of Governors for the past 6 years. I have 3 boys who have all attended Simonside and feel very passionate about supporting Simonside to become the best school it can be. I have worked in education and training for young people and adults for the past 10 years and love the work I do.

I decided to become a Governor as I felt I would make a positive contribution to the governance of Simonside. I find it a very rewarding experience as it has allowed me to develop leadership skills, which I have been able to use throughout my working life. In my Governing role, I’m on the Resources Committee and Curriculum and Policies Committee. I’m Safeguarding/Data Protection link Governor, along with Assessment and Tracking.”

Vice Chair of Governors – Mrs R Gowing

Co-opted Governor – Ms F Leonard

“I have been a Secondary School teacher for 15 years now and being in a classroom/learning environment is all I’ve ever known. My specialism is Art & Design and I am currently Head of Art & Photography at Jarrow School. With my expertise I offer support to colleagues with Teaching and Learning strategies and behaviour for Learning. I have a keen interest in both the transition of KS2 pupils into KS3 and how learners thrive through the development of creativity. I also promote practice that stems around how ideas generate organically through practical learning and risk-taking approach. I have always lived in Jarrow so this is the perfect school to link with. I also have 2 children myself who attend other Primaries so enjoy helping them with Year 2 and Year 6 curriculums at home.”

Co-opted Governor – Reverend J Wratten

Co-opted Governor – Cllr. Margaret Peacock

“I’ve been a Governor of Simonside School for about eight years now. Over the years I’ve been involved with most of the school Committees, and enjoyed the experience. I’m a local –  born and bred in Low Simonside, although I went to St. Mary’s as a child. I would encourage anyone to be a School Governor, as it’s very rewarding in many ways, and it also makes you realise how hard the teachers and staff all work.”

LA Governor – Mr S McDonagh

“I am an ex-civil servant.  After working in Newcastle, I decided to take my A Levels in Pure Math and Applied Math(Stats).  Following on with Maths, I attained my HE cert in Computing and Mathematics, through the Open University. I became a parent governor 25 years ago, and I am currently a Local Authority Governor at 2 schools in the Borough. I want to help ensure that our children and grandchildren are given the education that they are entitled to both now and in the future years. This can be achieved by working together with the parents, head teacher, staff, governing boards and other agencies.”

Parent Governor – Mrs S O’Neill

Parent Governor – Mr G Poulton

“My son moved to the school in reception and immediately felt welcome and cared for. The opportunity arose to support the school as a governor and I jumped at it. I am a primary school teacher myself, with a passion for developing the next generation of citizens that can accept and show empathy for one another. The school matches my ethos and I see great practises in place for inclusion of children with SEND. As an experienced teacher, leader and governor, I like to challenge the school leadership to ensure that the children and staff have the best possible working and learning environment.”

Staff Governor – Mrs E Lowe

“I have worked at Simonside Primary for over 20 years.  I have developed my roles over the time greatly and have a wealth of experience across all areas of the school.  I became a Staff Governor about 10 years ago , I provide a good link between the Governance and day to day working of the school.  I am able to share real experiences of school life.”