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We're thrilled to announce the winner of our 'Design your own Active Game Challenge' for #childrensmentalhealthweek! ✏️

Check out the winning entries 👇

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Design an Active Game results | Teach Active

Meet our superhero SSOC team. They were great role models for the younger children who attended the multiskills event this week. We are so proud of you 🦸‍♀️ 🦸 @simonsideschool @STSchoolSport

We are very proud to present our netball squad, two fantastic teams who took part in their first matches today. Well done, We are so proud of you all👏

More science with Y3 @simonsideschool As part of their ‘Animals, including humans’ topic they have been discovering that humans have skeletons and muscles for support and movement. 🩻 🤚 #science

Year 3 @simonsideschool were palaeontologists this morning. They discovered parts of a skeleton buried in the mud…which parts were missing? Could they put the bones back together and name them? 💀 #science