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Today we had a tough decision to make 🗳️who shall we vote for, to represent year 5 on the school council. We listened carefully to each of the candidates & then went into the hall to cast our votes 🗳️ It really was a tough decision @simonsideschool @MrsLoweSside @MissTQuinn

Another wonderful set of stars to end our week. We are SO proud of you all - you have given us all so many reasons to smile 😊

#motivated #respectful #teamplayer #independent #confident #resilient #Simonsiderocks #itswhoweare

Hosted training with @Grammarsaurus1 today and it was some of the BEST CPD we’ve ever had. It’s going to make such a difference 😊

The Year 5 children will be devastated that they didn’t get to meet the creator of ‘A WHITEBUS is coming…’ though 🎶 ...https://x.com/Grammarsaurus1/status/1704885542913994950?s=20

Date 11 of 30: Today, 23 teachers from across the North East came to Simonside Primary School for the first ‘official’ PVPG training course. Thank you for a fabulous day!! ❤️❤️🥰🥰