"We aim to provide each child with a love of learning and the drive and self-belief to aim high"

Our Vision

"All four of my children have attended Simonside Primary School…they have thoroughly enjoyed their time at this school and have been well prepared for secondary school” "


"Simonside is a great school with very dedicated staff"


"We are passionate about creating a curriculum with our children’s interests at the heart and where every child can achieve"

Our Curriculum Vision

"Everyone is friends and takes care of each other. We are practically one big family"


"A lovely school that has done everything to help and support my child…I would advise anyone to send their children there"


Welcome to Simonside Primary School

Here at Simonside Primary School, we aim to nurture our children to grow into resourceful, confident and caring individuals. We believe that a happy, hard-working and independent child is a successful child who has the self-belief and resilience to achieve their aspirations. Our children are part of a community made up of school staff, families and governors, who work together to advocate inclusiveness, responsibility and a positive work ethic. Our school environment promotes a passion for exploring, learning and creativity, and strives to inspire the people of tomorrow.