At Simonside, we aim to develop confident, enthusiastic mathematicians, who have a deep understanding of the key areas of this subject.  Throughout their time at Simonside, we aim to support children in developing:

  • An enthusiasm and enjoyment for maths and awareness that maths is fun
  • A positive attitude to mathematics, where they see it as an interesting and valuable subject
  • An ability to think clearly and logically in mathematics with confidence, independence of thought and flexibility of mind
  • An understanding of mathematics through a process of inquiry and experiment
  • Persistence through a sustained piece of work, working both cooperatively, collaboratively and independently
  • Confidence in mathematics which will allow children to express ideas fluently, talk about the subject using the language of mathematics.
  • An appreciation of when a task should be done quickly in one’s head and when it is reasonable to resort to an aid such as a calculator, pencil and paper or equipment
  • An understanding of the importance of mathematics in everyday life

Hi 5 – Daily Maths Meetings

Since May 2016, all children at Simonside have been participating in Daily Maths Meetings, which we refer to as ‘Hi 5’.  These meetings provide children with the opportunity to participate in highly energised, fun and exciting conversations about maths, in an informal setting.  We believe that these meetings encourage children of all abilities to participate in high quality mathematical discussions, developing their skills of reasoning throughout.  Hi 5 lasts for 15 minutes each day and takes place outside of the usual maths lesson.

Photos of Hi 5 coming soon…

Mathletics Mathletics-logo-100px-tight

All children at Simonside have individual log in details to access Mathletics in school and at home.  Children can use this programme to complete a range of maths based activities to earn points. Teachers may set specific challenges based on the child’s learning in the class, but once these are completed, the children can have free-reign to tackle anything they feel they need help on. For those wanting a challenge, the children can challenge other children in their school, country, or even worldwide, to a maths face-off. As soon as a child has earned 1000 points, they will receive a bronze certificate. Five of these will result in a silver certificate and four silver certificates will result in a gold award.

A free app is available so children can use the programme on a tablet.  For online access to Mathletics, please click here.  Should your child need another copy of their Mathletics log in details, please see their class teacher.

Calculation Policy

Our calculation policy shows how we teach the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division from EYFS to the end of Year 6.  These documents outline how equipment is used to support deeper understanding of mathematical concepts before moving children on to more formal written methods in maths.





Additional Information for Parents/Carers:

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National Curriculum Documents